My Greatest Risk...

Born to Risk : The Book, The Documentary, The Experience

Daniela Roman, an International Best Selling Author and Speaker, is celebrated for her empowering message and culinary expertise.

Her acclaimed book series, "Behind Closed Doors, I Survived Domestic Violence and You Can Too," soared to #1 Best New Release status on Amazon, with the 3rd edition released in January 2024.

As the Founder of Daniela’s Delicious Delights, LLC, she crafts nutritious meals for events and family gatherings, drawing from her Italian heritage and experience co-owning the Mediterranean Cafe at the University of Pennsylvania.

Daniela's journey embodies resilience, having triumphed over adversity and trauma, inspiring women to reclaim their power. Passionate about self-love and empowerment, she advocates for others while cherishing family moments and her precious grandsons.

With her culinary legacy, Daniela aspires to touch lives globally, sharing her recipes and dreams of reopening her cafe. Reach out to her at to join her mission.